River environment

River Environment 

The Thames Tideway Tunnel will collect sewage before it enters the river and ensure it is properly treated, cleaning up the river for London, its inhabitants and its wildlife and allowing the city to sustain a rich, diverse ecology.

Tideway will greatly reduce the quantity of sewage-related litter in the Thames and, in turn, the amount ingested by wildlife. Over the last 30 years, we have seen a dramatic clean-up of the Thames, making it a prime example of a recovering ecosystem. But the millions of tonnes of raw sewage that still overspills into the river each year represents its last major source of pollution. The visual appearance of the river will improve, and our new structures in the river will provide new habitats for aquatic wildlife.

But we want an environmental legacy that goes beyond the physical structures we leave behind. Working with academics and ecologists, we want to improve understanding of the river and provide a broader knowledge of habitats and aquatic ecology.

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