King George’s Park

Site information

The King George’s Park site encompasses a small part of the northern end of King George’s Park adjacent to the entrance from Buckhold Road and the junction of Buckhold Road and Neville Gill Close. The site will be used to connect the existing Frogmore Storm Relief–Buckhold Road combined sewer overflow to the main tunnel via the Frogmore connection tunnel.

King George’s Park

The site team are progressing well in preparations to receive Charlotte, West's second TBM later this year. More information coming soon.

What are our working hours?

Standard working hours are 8am to 6pm Monday-Friday and 8am-12pm Saturday.  Also, there is a 1 hour mobilisation period before and after the Standard Working Hours, plus maintenance periods on Saturday 1-5pm and Sundays 10am-4pm.

There will be no 24-hour working at this site.

The date for the next King George's Park and Dormay Street CLWG will be on Thursday 7 March 2019, 7-9pm, at The Brewers Inn (147 East Hill, Wandsworth, SW18 2QB). 

05 July, 2018 CLWG Minutes
05 July, 2018 CLWG Presentation

  • Hoarding has been erected along the site boundary

  • The contractor is protecting the trees, in particular the Black Poplar tree along the boundary with Neville Gill Close and the Red Oak tree at the northern edge of the park

  • The site area will be returned to public use as soon as practicable, including potential phasing

  • Set limits to control activities, such as noise (Section 61 approval) from LB Wandsworth

There are lots of ways to find out what’s happening at this site, you can:

  • Call our 24 hour Tideway Helpdesk 08000 30 80 80 or email [email protected].

  • Take a moment to read the latest updates on the noticeboards on our hoardings.

  • Visit Tideway's Community Information Centre at Carnwath Road, the first Tuesday of the month, 3pm – 7pm. Our team will be able to answer your questions and talk about the work.

  • Join our regular Community Liaison Working Group meetings, to attend the meetings or receive the minutes and presentations from past meetings, email [email protected]. Meeting details will be emailed, published online and on site hoardings.

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