Careers & skills

Last updated: 28 February 2018

Careers & skills

The Thames Tideway Tunnel will inspire young people to get involved in careers in the engineering and construction industry. The project will be one of the biggest employers in London, offering jobs that boast a world-class reputation on the largest tunnelling project ever completed in the UK.

What jobs will be available?

For some of the jobs we will need on the project, there is a gap between the availability of skilled individuals and the demand required. We want to close these gaps and so we are committed to making sure we can help get people trained up with the relevant skills needed in the right areas.

The skills gaps we have identified include:

Underground workers, skilled mariners, construction trades supervisors, plant operatives and fitters, and civil engineers. Find out more on careers in construction.

We are committed to ensuring that employment opportunities are open to local people and we aim to meet an overall target of employing 25% of the workforce from boroughs where project sites are located. In boroughs where there is a tunnel drive site, we will seek to ensure that least 20% of employees live in that borough.

We are also working with local colleges and recruitment agencies so they can help direct people with the relevant skills to the project. Jobs available on the project will be advertised here.

Click here for more information on which jobs will be available.

Working on the river

Of the 24 construction sites needed to build the Thames Tideway Tunnel, 11 are located on the River Thames. It is expected that at least 4.2 million tonnes of excavated material could be transported by barges or ships. This is a 30% increase to the existing river traffic and will require expert skills.

There is currently a shortage of people working in river transport roles. This is especially true with regards to boatmasters, mates, engineers and deckhands, many of whom are working towards a boatmaster licence, known as the Thames Local Knowledge Endorsement.

Barge under Tower Bridge

We are working with the Port of London Authority, the Thames Training Alliance, regulatory bodies and other river employers to help develop opportunities that will meet the skills gap identified and reinvigorate the river economy.

For more information on the types of roles and qualifications please visit:

When will these jobs be available?

Many of these types of roles will be offered by our construction contractors as they ramp up their recruitment for the start of main works in 2016. We will ensure vacancies available through our contractors and their supply chains are posted on our jobs portal when they become available during 2015 and throughout the construction period.

For more information on the different jobs that will be available, please see our 'How to become a...' videos in the green box on the right of this page.

Tideway Roles and Careers

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Secondment opportunities

Jobs & opportunities

Current positions available within the Thames Tideway Tunnel project include:

    Women in construction