Working in the community

Last updated: 07 November 2017

Working in the community

Tideway is committed to informing communities affected by our works, about what we are doing, when and why. We have listed some of the activities we believe will help us inform you about our planned works, if you have some other ideas we would like to hear from you.

We have community relations teams focused on working with the community at all our sites.

  • Community Liaison Working Groups – The purpose of these groups is to keep you informed about our works, listen to your views, feedback and help minimise disruption within the local community. If you are interested in being involved or would like to find out more, call our Helpdesk on 08000 30 80 80 or email [email protected]See our terms of reference here.

  • Continue to publish newsletters, with information covering the whole project and local updates about the works.
  • We will engage with local schools and colleges to inform pupils and students about the project, advise on careers within the construction industry and point out the dangers of trespassing on our work sites.

  • We will ensure that occupants of nearby properties are informed in advance of planned works, including the estimated duration. This means we will issue information which details expected disruptions and the measures being taken to minimise or mitigate adverse impacts of the works. As far as is reasonably practicable this will be at least two weeks prior to the relevant construction activity.

  • Co-ordinate pre-construction defect surveys in properties which are identified as potentially being affected by tunnelling operations and other specific construction works.

  • We will send information to those properties along the route of the tunnel drives giving notice of the forecast progress of the tunnel boring machines.

Project Helpdesk

  • We will maintain a Tideway Helpdesk, with a Freephone number (08000 30 80 80) staffed around the clock to handle any enquiries and complaints. This will be managed in line with the process outlined on our website,
  • The Helpdesk will also act as a first point of contact and for information in the case of any emergency,
  • The Helpdesk will be widely advertised and displayed on site signage.

The Tideway website will be regularly updated with;

  • Specific construction site information,
  • Project news and progress,
  • Information on the forecast and actual passage of the tunnel boring machines.

Preparing for an incident or emergency

  • Ensure that a comprehensive community emergency plan is put in place for each section of the work,
  • Liaise closely with the emergency services, local authority officers and other agencies who may be involved in incidents or emergency situations,
  • In the case of any work required in response to an emergency, the local authority and local residents shall be advised as soon as is reasonably practicable.

Community Investment

  • We will continue to liaise regarding appropriate local community projects, employment and educational initiatives.

Independent Advisory Service

  • The Independent Advisory Service will be available to offer advice on compensation issues during office hours.

Tideway's River Times Newsletters

Tideway's community newsletters, produced especially for our neighbors in each section of the project. 

River Times East - Autumn 2018 

River Times Central - Autumn 2018 

River Times West - Autumn 2018 

Helpdesk information

Our 24 hr helpdesk is available to answer your questions about the project and help with any problems which may arise from our construction. To find out more please click here.

Complaints procedure

We take seriously every complaint we receive about our project and we make every effort to resolve complaints swiftly and without delay. To find out more please click here.

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