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Track our tunnelling machines

Use the map below to see the progress being made on London’s super sewer

Best viewed on desktop or in landscape mode on mobile.

Stay up to date with the progress of our tunnelling machines under the Thames. Rachel started tunnelling from Carnwath Road in Fulham (CRR), Millicent started tunnelling west from Kirtling Street in Battersea (KRS) while Ursula is tunnelling east from Kirtling Street. Charlotte is creating the 1.1km Frogmore Connection Tunnel from Dormay Street (DOS) in Wandsworth to Fulham. Two more TBMs will start working on the east section next year.

Millicent completed her 5km journey to Carnwath Road in Fulham in November 2019. We are currently decommissioning and removing Millicent from the tunnel.

This map is updated once a week. 

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, we temporarily reduced activities across the Tideway project in March with only safety-critical and essential work continuing.

As safety reviews have been carried out and new working practices introduced, we have since restarting tunnelling with TBM Charlotte working on the Frogmore connection tunnel and TBM Rachel working on the western section of the main tunnel.

You can read more about our response to the pandemic here.