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Women In Construction

At Tideway, our aim is to inspire the next generation, especially young women, about the many fantastic opportunities in the construction industry. 

Each year we celebrate Women in Engineering Day and we’ve asked women across the project to tell us who shaped and inspired them in a series of five animated videos.

The stories are from Sian Thomas, Bhavini Vyas, Bianca Wheeler, Rachel Tomkins, and Kayla Browne.

Bhavini Vyas

"My mum’s amazing work-ethic is an inspiration to me – there was nothing she could not overcome. She was my Earth – she was always there for me."

Bhavini Vyas - Project Manager

Sian Thomas

"My dad was a mechanical engineer on the railways and one of my key inspirations in life. He instilled in me that rewards come from hard work, always doing your best and respecting the contribution of others."

Sian Thomas - Director of Operational Readiness

Bianca Wheeler

"I met Fiona Keenaghan when I joined Tideway, and she was one of the first apprentices on project. Fiona has been an amazing mentor to me from the very first time I met her."

Bianca Wheeler - Construction Engineer

Kayla Browne

"My dad has always involved me in work going on around the house – that’s where I got my curiosity about how things work. I love being an engineer and get excited every day to come home and tell my dad something new."

Kayla Browne - Apprentice Engineer

Rachel Tomkins

"While my boys were young, I ended up taking a nine-year career break. I would not be here on this fantastic project if it were not for HR Director Julie Thornton and her inspirational move to trial internships for career-break returners at Tideway."

Rachel Tomkins - Head of Business Excellence