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Our Legacy

The scale of the Tideway project and its place at the heart of one of the world’s greatest cities means we have an historic opportunity to leave a positive, lasting legacy for London.

We have made more than 50 legacy commitments and many of them will be profound and long-lasting. We’re creating new public spaces in the Thames – the first new land in London for generations; we’re raising the bar for health, safety and wellbeing in the construction industry; and we are using the river to transport material on an unprecedented scale, bringing jobs and skills back to the river.

Learn about our legacy work and achievements so far via the five legacy themes or click on the documents below for an in-depth look at our legacy and sustainability work or to read about our impact on climate.

Open Modal forHealth, safety & wellbeing Health, safety & wellbeing Open Modal forEnvironment Environment Open Modal forPlace Place Open Modal forPeople People Open Modal forEconomy Economy

In this decade of action on climate change and other worldwide issues, we are doing all we can to deliver our project responsibly and sustainably and we are tracking how our activities support the global goals set by the United Nations.