Our Legacy

The scale of the Tideway project, and its place at the heart of one of the world’s greatest cities, means we have an historic opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for London. The primary purpose of the Thames Tideway Tunnel is to reduce sewage overflows into the River Thames and improve its water quality.

But beyond that, our vision to reconnect London with the River Thames is an ambitious statement of intent, and reflects our desire to deliver wider benefits to London for years to come.

We're building a Super Sewer to clean the River Thames

Through our ‘Sustainable transport – more by river’ strategy, we are ensuring that we transport as many materials as we can by river, taking lorry movements off London’s roads to limit pollution, congestion and to protect road-users.

We are spearheading initiatives that will reduce the impact of our activity on London’s environment and developing innovative practices to benefit future projects. Tideway has committed to reducing its carbon footprint and reports its progress through the Government’s Infrastructure Carbon Review.

The project’s use of river transport is on a scale unprecedented in modern times. We have committed to transport 90 per cent of tunnel spoil—about 4.2 million tonnes—by river. This requires a major modernisation of the fleet of commercial boats operating on the river, and Tideway has been a key partner in a new training centre for river boat operators called the Thames Skills Academy.

Tideway: Moving tunnel spoil by river

Keeping everyone working on the project safe, healthy and happy is a fundamental philosophy at Tideway – we do things safely, or not at all.

Achieving this aim requires a new health, safety and wellbeing strategy (which we call RightWay) that commits us to significantly higher standards for the things we do – from personal protective equipment and site layout to how we engage with our workforce.

At Tideway we do it the RightWay!

Our immersive, multimedia, health and safety project induction in which every member of the workforce is required to participate is known as EPIC and has to date won numerous industry awards and continues to receive outstanding feedback.

Those working on the river will also benefit from our work; in partnership with the Port of London Authority, Transport for London and the Company of Watermen and Lightermen, Tideway has established the Thames Skills Academy (TSA). This will set new standards for health and safety training for those working on the river.