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Our Legacy

The scale of the Tideway project, and its place at the heart of one of the world’s greatest cities, means we have an historic opportunity to leave a positive, lasting legacy for London.

Yes, the super sewer will prevent millions of tonnes of sewage entering the river each year – with all the ecological and health benefits that will bring.

But we’re going far beyond simply building a tunnel.

We’re creating new public spaces in the Thames – the first new land in London for generations. We’re raising the bar for health, safety and wellbeing in the construction industry and bringing jobs and recreation back to the river.

Beyond that, our investment in local communities, education, training and the supply chain will ensure that the legacy of the Tideway project will be profound and long-lasting, far outliving the construction of the super sewer.

River Transport 

Tideway is committed to moving as much material by river as possible to reduce the number of HGVs on London’s roads. This strategy has numerous benefits, reducing our impact on London’s road network, on vulnerable road users and on London’s air quality. We are also playing a part in rejuvenating the river economy.

Fewer emissions 

Research shows that our tugs produce significantly fewer emissions compared to moving the equivalent material by road. Tideway is the first infrastructure project to develop comprehensive data on the air quality benefits of a river strategy compared to a road equivalent.

For example, a 1,000-tonne barge at 75 per cent engine load will on average produce*:

  • 86 per cent less NO2 (nitrogen dioxide)
  • 95 per cent less CO (carbon monoxide)
  • 90 per cent less CO2 (carbon dioxide)

*than the European VI HGV equivalent


Tideway is committed to increasing biodiversity in the river and on land, planting two trees for every one removed and working closely with Trees for Cities. We are also are teaming up with ZSL to monitor the many species which call the Thames home.


Tideway is changing the face of the construction industry by building an inclusive and diverse workforce by recruiting from the boroughs in which we work, reaching out to the communities at the heart of what we do, and providing training and opportunities to under-represented groups.

Spend map 

Tideway is committed to supporting the UK economy. We track where the Tideway pound has been spent and we are proud to report that to date around 90 per cent of our spend has been in the UK. We’re also mindful of how we raise finance for the project and last year became the largest issuer of green bonds in sterling worldwide, having raised £1.6bn in green financing.

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Keeping everyone working on the project safe, healthy and happy is a fundamental philosophy at Tideway – we do things safely, or not at all.

Achieving this aim requires a new health, safety and wellbeing strategy (which we call Right Way) that commits us to significantly higher standards for the things we do – from personal protective equipment and site layout to how we engage with our workforce.

At Tideway we do it the RightWay!

Our immersive, multimedia, health and safety project induction in which every member of the workforce is required to participate is known as EPIC and has to date won numerous industry awards and continues to receive outstanding feedback.

Those working on the river will also benefit from our work; in partnership with the Port of London Authority, Transport for London and the Company of Watermen and Lightermen, Tideway has established the Thames Skills Academy (TSA). This will set new standards for health and safety training for those working on the river.