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Art on the Tideway

Art on the Tideway 

Art might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the project to build London’s new super sewer. But the public artwork we’re commissioning will be the most prominent above-ground visual legacy of our work.

When the Tideway project is finished, many of our current construction sites will be landscaped and made into new areas of public space – each home to thought-provoking works of public art.

More than 50 pieces have been commissioned – some, extensive artworks on the hoardings around our construction sites. Others, permanent works in bronze, stone and other materials, set to far outlive the lifespan of the project.

We’ve challenged artists from across the country to respond to their chosen site with work that respond to the local area’s heritage and history.

The first works on show as part of Tideway's programme of public art can be seen on Tideway's hoardings, right across London. These large-scale artworks feature a diverse range of work from many different artists, all of whom worked with the local community and took inspiration from the local area in developing their work.

See a selection of this work now in the gallery below, or click on the 'Temporary Commissions' tab above to explore further. 

Public Art and Heritage Interpretation strategies

Heritage Interpretation Strategy (HIS)

Our Public Art and Heritage Interpretation strategies outline the development of public realm and public art for the
Thames Tideway Tunnel.

Public Art Strategy (PAS)