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Meet the people behind the tunnel

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Working for Tideway means much more than simply cleaning up the River Thames. Our teams are part of the legacy we will leave London that will far outlive the project.

About Darren:

  • Tunnel fanatic

  • His family think he works with poo

  • Loves every part of Greenwich Pumping Station

Darren Kehoe

Project Manager
Greenwich Pumping Station

Project Manager Darren has worked on the Greenwich Pumping Station site on the eastern section of the Tideway project, a location he says, had a bit of "everything" especially for a tunnel enthusiast.

'Some of the people I'll remember the most were some of the young apprentices in the job. So young and so fresh into the company, they brought so much joy and energy to the site and it was a pleasure bringing them along for the drive'

Darren contributed to the building of the interception chamber which intercepts sewage and takes it through the new structure where it’s taken for treatment.

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About Ray:

  • Born and raised in Fulham

  • Biggest hero is his Nan

Ray Cantwell

Construction Engineer
Putney Embankment Foreshore

Ray is a Construction Engineer and a NEC Supervisor who worked at our Putney Embankment Foreshore site, which has one of the most unique designs across the project.

'The fact that I can then walk over that bridge with my son and point it out and say, look, that’s where we work, that’s where we had the shaft, that’s where we had the tunnels. That’s quite an important part for me as well.'

Ray was involved in huge milestones at the site such as the construction of the drop shaft and the two pipe jack tunnels. Learn more about Ray by watching the video below.

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About James:

  • Trained as a journalist

  • Always listens to his Mammy

  • Recently did a stand up comedy gig

James Carew

Communications Manager

James looks after the social media channels, media requests and digital content at Tideway. He was also part of the team that created ‘Loo Gardens’, the hidden subterranean garden that was installed in the Super Sewer.

'The river is an iconic part of the city and the project we’re working on is going to clean that up for the next 120 years. It’s not just about the magnificent feat of engineering, I’m proud of everything that Tideway has done.'

James works on a lot of video content too, like Tideway’s YouTube series ‘Tunnel Vision’. The series takes people behind the scenes showing the unique engineering on each site, explore the legacy being left behind once the project is complete as well as interviews with the people on the project. Learn more about James by watching the video below.

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About Amy:

  • Also worked at King George's Park site

  • Inspires her grandad

  • Managed the 'Dormettes' - an all female enginerring team at Dormay Street

Amy Hogg

Construction Manager
Dormay Street

Amy worked on our west sites, specifically Dormay Street, which was used to connect the existing local combined sewer overflow to the main tunnel.

'It's really important for any civil engineer to leave a mark. I suppose it's one of the benefits of having a career in civil engineering, you can actually see what you've built and see that you've made a difference'

Amy’s biggest achievement on the project was when she worked on the shaft secondary lining which was a continuous concrete pour from the bottom of the shaft, all the way to the top. Learn more about Amy by watching the video below.

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About Idris:

  • Ambitious

  • Graduate engineer

Idris Sarwar

Graduate Planning Engineer
Cremorne Wharf Depot

Idris started on the Tideway project as a Graduate Planning Engineer working on the central section including at our Cremorne Wharf Depot site.

'Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. If you're willing to prepare and put in the hard work and dedicate yourself towards your craft or whatever it is you're looking to get into, eventually the opportunities do present themselves'

Some of the important works Idris was involved in at this site were installing mechanical and electrical equipment and building a 147m long connecting tunnel that links the site to the main sewer tunnel beneath the Thames.

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About Louis:

  • Loves dogs

  • Civil engineer

  • Enjoys building relationships at work

Louis Robjant

Project Manager
Barn Elms

Louis was the Project Manager at our Barn Elms site, which is now substantially complete. At this site, Louis supported with the creation of connection tunnels, building the underground structures and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment at the site.

'I am really proud of what I have been able to deliver…you are building something where I will be able to take friends and family and show [them] what I built and be really proud. The legacy is brilliant.'

Louis also oversaw the above ground landscaping which involved creating a permanent road and re-grassing some of the areas that had been taken over by the construction work. Learn more about Louis by watching the video below.

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About Anna:

  • Has a maths degree

  • Loves her job

  • Was part of a 'dream team' at Hammersmith Pumping Station

Anna Magrath

Section Manager
Hammersmith Pumping Station

Anna’s career kicked off on a graduate scheme for Morgan Sindall (British construction company) following a maths degree. Anna started off as Project Controls Graduate and then moved into more of a planning and construction coordination role. For the last three and a half years on the project, Anna has worked as part of the team at our Hammersmith Pumping Station site, which is now substantially complete.

'The team at Hammersmith is my favourite bit of this whole project – they are absolutely fantastic. A lot of work has gone in for us to work together – a lot of training, teaching each other, learning together. It is such a lovely family - I don’t think I’ll work anywhere like it ever again. I feel very lucky.'

Anna’s first engineering role on the project was managing the installation of the external services, and then moved onto a role centred around installation and testing. For Anna’s last 6 months on the project, Anna was the Hammersmith Pumping Station’s Section Manager. Learn more about Anna by watching the video below.

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