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Putney Bridge Foreshore

Site information

The Putney Embankment Foreshore site is on the southern bank of the River Thames. There are two sites: a main construction site and an area where we have built a temporary slipway to maintain public access to the River Thames. This site will be used to intercept the Putney Bridge combined sewer overflow.

Putney Bridge Foreshore

To support essential activities, a small number of site-based staff at Putney Embankment Foreshore are continuing to work, ensuring we can safely continue building the super sewer.

The 42m deep shaft at our Putney Embankment foreshore was completed in the autumn of 2019. The shaft and penstock chamber were built up with concrete and then excavated underneath, which lowered the structure down.

The Putney team have completed the construction of the high level connection tunnel, which intercepts the combined sewer overflow (CSO) system located underneath Putney Bridge. This was launched from the penstock chamber. Early 2020, the site team needed to part close Putney Bridge to lift out the pipe-jacking machine after it completed its tunnel construction. You can read more about the delivery of the Pipe Jacking Machine here.

Construction to the lower level connection tunnel has been completed. The connection tunnel is from the shaft to the main super sewer. Work to the air treatment chamber has begun.

For more information, look at the latest CLWG presentation on the tab below.

Our standard working hours are (with a 1-hour mobilisation period before and after these times):

  • Monday – Friday: 8am – 6pm

  • Saturday: 8am – 1pm

Additionally, we have maintenance periods on the weekend:

  • Saturday: 1 – 5pm

  • Sunday: 10am – 4pm


As a precautionary measure due to the current public health situation, our Community Liaison Working Group meetings are currently postponed.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this might cause, however please get in touch via our 24-hour Helpdesk on 08000 30 80 80 or email [email protected] if you would like to speak to a member of the team.


The date for the next Putney Embankment Foreshore and Barn Elms CLWG will be confirmed shortly.

You can see the minutes and presentation from the last CLWG below. If you are interested in finding out more about our community liaison working group please email [email protected].

12 March 2020 - CLWG Minutes
12 March 2020 - CLWG Presentation

24 October 2019 - CLWG Minutes
24 October 2019 - CLWG Presentation

Our Putney site team are committed to managing our works and mitigating any impacts. Examples of measures we currently have in place include:

  • Hoarding has been erected along the site boundary

  • Use of low level directional lighting

  • Construction will be suspended during identified river race events, including the University Boat Race and any barges associated with the works removed

  • Barges will only be loaded and unloaded during standard working hours with no weekend river transport permitted 

  • The use of surface cranes will be minimised outside of standard working hours

  • Except for the anchor piles, push piling will be used, unless determined to be impossible

  • The temporary slipway is operational and will be open until the original slipway is reinstated

  • Access to Putney Pier will be maintained for the duration of the construction 

  • Set limits to control activities, such as noise (Section 61 approval) from LB Wandsworth

There are lots of ways to find out what’s happening at this site, you can:

  • Call our 24 hour Tideway Helpdesk 08000 30 80 80 or email [email protected].

  • Take a moment to read the latest updates on the noticeboards on our hoardings.

  • Visit Tideway's Community Information Centre at Carnwath Road, the first Tuesday of the month, 3pm – 7pm. Our team will be able to answer your questions and talk about the work.

  • Join our regular Community Liaison Working Group meetings, to attend the meetings or receive the minutes and presentations from past meetings, email [email protected]. Meeting details will be emailed, published online and on site hoardings.

You can also follow our progress and what we're doing in our local communities on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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