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The Princess Royal gets a sneak peek at London's newest landmark 'Chelsea Quay'

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal was the first person to officially step foot on London's newest riverside vista as she was welcomed to Chelsea Quay, a brand new area of land built by Tideway above London's super sewer.

With the underground tunnel now fully built, The Princess Royal was given a tour of one of the seven pieces of land being built across London as part of the Tideway project, the first of which at Putney Embankment was opened last year.

Chelsea Quay is a new piece of embankment which sits on top of the Thames Tideway Tunnel, a major piece of infrastructure that will stop the millions of tonnes of sewage which currently pollute the River Thames every year.

Sir Neville Simms, Tideway's Chair, said: "It was an honour to welcome Her Royal Highness to this amazing new space at Chelsea Quay. Not only does it give incredible views of the city, it's also been carefully designed and crafted to pay tribute to its local environment and offers a beautiful addition to the city."

Tideway engineers are currently completing the final pieces of work on the site at Chelsea where the super sewer connects to an old overflow gate in the river, before removing the hoardings and opening it to the public in the next few weeks.

Testing of the new tunnel is also due to start soon and is expected to be fully operational by 2025.