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Secondary lining on Greenwich tunnel reaches Earl Pumping Station

Secondary lining of the Greenwich Connection Tunnel for London’s super sewer has passed Earl Pumping Station – with 65% of its journey to Chambers Wharf now complete.

The shutter machines used to carry out the lining were successfully cleaned inside the shaft at Earl Pumping Station setting the team on its way to its final destination in Bermondsey. This has also allowed the shaft internal walls at Greenwich Pumping Station to be completed. 

Beginning in Greenwich and having passed through the Deptford Church Street sand Earl Pumping Station sites means secondary lining has now covered over 2800 metres of a 4.5km drive.  Primary lining by Tunnel Boring Machine Annie was completed in spring 2022.

The Greenwich Connection Tunnel will help tackle the problem of sewage overflow into the Deptford Creek and River Ravensbourne, directing the flows into the new super sewer.

Much of the excavated spoil from the main tunnelling operation was removed from site at Greenwich by barge via in new marine infrastructure in Deptford Creek preventing the need for lorry journeys on local roads.