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Tideway site is set to transform as underground infrastructure is covered and public realm space takes shape

This year, one of the most important sites on the Tideway project is set to transform – with the vast majority of the complex underground infrastructure now covered, work on the new public space is taking shape.

Tideway’s Blackfriars Bridge Foreshore site sits in the City of London, and exists in order that the Fleet CSO and the Low Level 1 sewers are diverted into the new super sewer

New pipes, two interception chambers and a 55m-deep, 22m-wide shaft have all been fully constructed below the surface.

Now, architecture and landscaping works are progressing apace, with the installation of a green roof on site, new terrace and paving, more than 70 trees, core architectural elements, a range of permanent artworks, and more.

Granite and Yorkstone paving is also being installed at the site – which, once opened, will provide around an acre of all-new public space in the heart of London.

Work to remove a cofferdam at the western end of the site is set to begin soon, with the new public realm likely to be exposed to the River Thames later in the year.

Blackfriars will be one of the final sites on the Tideway project to be finished.