Last updated: 20 June 2018


Legacy is what will be left behind after the construction of the tunnel. The primary purpose of the project is to reduce sewage overflows into the River Thames, delivering the core benefit of improved water quality. If the project simply focused on constructing the tunnel, this vision could never be achieved. It is an ambitious statement of intent, and reflects the desire to deliver wider benefits to London for all those impacted by the tunnel for years to come.

We have set out our objectives under five themes that capture the range of opportunities created by the project — Environment; Health, Safety and Wellbeing; Economy; People; and Place. For each of the objectives, a number of commitments have been made which will demonstrate how the project is delivering the objectives.

The scale of the project, and its place at the heart of one of the world’s greatest cities, mean that it presents a historic legacy opportunity. It is vital that every pound spent on the tunnel is spent in a way that creates maximum value to the project, the economy, the environment, and the people of London. These legacy objectives and commitments will ensure that the Thames Tideway Tunnel achieves these goals.

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We are supporting a wide range of education programmes covering all ages and stages.


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