Last updated: 28 April 2017


Objective 9: Improved public realm 

When Sir Joseph Bazalgette implemented his visionary overhaul of London’s sewerage system more than 150 years ago, transforming public health, he also changed the look and character of the city with the creation of the Chelsea, Victoria and Albert Embankments. Similarly, the Thames Tideway Tunnel will create new areas of public realm and connect the capital’s residents and visitors with the river more closely than is currently possible.

For years, when the river was devoid of life, London turned its back on the river as a social space. It is a trend that the clean-up of river quality in recent years has reversed. Our project can ensure the momentum continues in the right direction: to reconnect London with the river.

We will create three acres of new public realm along the route of the tidal River Thames. Our designs will ensure that we plant two trees for every one displaced by the project, ensuring a long-term benefit to the city and recognising the role of green infrastructure. We are working with Trees for Cities, the largest urban tree planting charity in the UK, to help deliver this commitment.

A key part of our Place legacy will be our enhancement of the Thames Path, improving it where we can and opening up sections currently closed to the public.

This will directly reconnect more Londoners with the Thames and support the London Plan’s aim to develop strategic walking routes along the river. We will ensure that this is done in a fully inclusive way, providing people of reduced mobility with the opportunity to connect with the river in a way that was previously not possible.

To inform and enrich our design of public realm, we have developed twin strategies around heritage interpretation—communicating the Thames’s unique cultural heritage—and public art. Our ambition is that art on the Tideway will reposition the tidal River Thames as a new cultural venue, through a bold, world-class art programme created with local communities and other stakeholders.

We will also collaborate with other developers to enhance local space where our activities overlap with theirs, creating long-term benefits for local communities along the river. 

Objective 10: More cohesive communities 

Tideway is committed to being a responsible business, a good neighbour and to give back to the communities in which we work. As well as engaging with communities close to our sites during construction, we want to leave a lasting legacy for London through community investment. We want our investments, of money and time, to help unite communities, across the capital.

Our local community investments will be determined in partnership with residents and community groups. We will work with them to deliver projects that bring people together for shared interests and support. We want to create enduring partnerships and involve our workforce in a significant volunteering programme to support these investments.

Similarly, we will develop long-term partnerships with pan-London organisations to bring people from different parts of London together around river activities, which will also help realise our vision of reconnecting Londoners with the Thames. 

Case Studies 

> Rowing towards a bright future

Place Our Commitments

  1. For every tree displaced by the project, plant two new ones
  2. Create three acres of new foreshore in the public realm
  3. Enhance the Thames Path, reopening sections currently closed to the public
  4. Give people of reduced mobility the opportunity to connect with the River Thames in a way that has not previously been possible
  5. Use a Heritage Interpretation Strategy and Public Art Strategy to create memorable, integrated site-specific artworks responding to, and referencing, the history of the site and wider narrative of the Tidal Thames and enrich Tideway’s public realm legacy
  6. Collaborate with other developers to enhance local space, where our activities overlap with other local developments
  7. Develop sustainable strategies for the long term management and maintenance of new public realm
  8. Deliver and fund community investment that will support local communities and where possible encourage members of that community to come together
  9. Deliver and fund pan-London community investment activities which bring communities together from across the capital

Our Legacy

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