Shad Thames Pumping Station (Bermondsey)

Shad Thames Pumping Station (Bermondsey)

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Shad Thames Pumping Station is an existing operational Thames Water pumping station site. 

The construction work being undertaken here is being led by Thames Water, and will improve management of storm flows by utilising existing storage in the sewers upstream of the pumping station.  The work area includes a section within Shad Thames Pumping Station, as well as the stretch of Maguire Street between Shad Thames and Gainsford Street.

A new pipeline and manhole chamber are to be constructed underneath Maguire Street to connect with the existing Thames Water local sewer network.  This new section of pipework will take wastewater from Shad Thames to Beckton Sewage Treatment Works, via Greenwich Pumping Station, instead of discharging wastewater from the Combined Sewer Overflow at Butlers Wharf into the River Thames. This work will dramatically reduce this discharge quantity at the Butlers Wharf CSO from over thirty times a year to approximately four times a year.

Works update

Refurbishment of the Manager's Building to the rear of the pumping station began in late 2017 and was completed in early 2018. There is now no access to the second floor of this building. The first floor has been fully screened to maintain the privacy of residents in the adjacent block of flats. 

Works in Maguire Street commenced in April 2018 and are expected to be complete by late 2018. Click here to read the latest Works Update.

Thames Water worked closely with London Borough of Southwark residents and stakeholders to finalise the Traffic Management Plan to facilitate Maguire Street works.  More information on the Traffic Management Plan can be found here.

Thames Water continues to work closely with local residents, businesses, stakeholders and London Borough of Southwark officers and politicians as construction work progresses.  

Want to know more or get involved?

There are lots of ways to find out what’s happening at this site, you can:

  • Call our 24 hour Tideway Helpdesk 08000 30 80 80 or email [email protected] 
  • Take a moment to read the latest updates on the noticeboards on our hoardings
  • If you are interested in finding out more about this site or attending future drop in events please email [email protected].


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Shad Thames - Site Information

What are our working hours?

Standard working hours are 8am to 6pm Monday-Friday and 8am-1pm Saturday.  Also, there is a 1 hour mobilisation period before and after the Standard Working Hours, plus maintenance periods on Saturday 1-5pm and Sundays 10am-4pm.

How will we access the site?

A daily average of three heavy goods vehicles will access the site. This will rise to approximately seven heavy goods vehicles per day over an estimated one month period during the peak of activity.

Shad Thames - Community Liaison Working Group

Thames Water has established a Community Liaison Working Group, with residential and business representation.  The Group meets monthly at Browns, Butlers Wharf, 26 Shad Thames, London SE1 2YG.  If you wish to know more, please email [email protected].  

Shad Thames Pumping Station - How we will minimise disruption

  • There will be no project related vehicle movements outside of our standard working hours
  • Hoardings have been erected on the site boundaries
  • All static machinery and plant will be screened or enclosed
  • Noise-attenuating cladding will be used during window replacement works at the back of the pumping station
  • Parking has been relocated to Curlew Street for the duration of the work. Car parking on Maguire Street will be brought back into use as soon as practicable
  • Traffic marshals are employed by the project to manage the flow of traffic at all times on Shad Thames

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