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Procurement and Supply Chain

Bazalgette Tunnel Ltd trading as Tideway is committed to ethical and sustainable procurement, which it supports through its procurement and supply chain activities.

Ethical procurement refers to procurement processes which: 

  • Respect fundamental international standards against criminal conduct (like bribery, corruption and fraud) and human rights abuse (like modern slavery), and respond immediately to such matters where they are identified, and 

  • Result in progressive improvements to the lives of people who contribute to supply chains and are impacted by supply chain decisions.

  • Maximises the use of products which are responsibly sourced and/or which have a high degree of recycled content and has the potential to be recycled. 

Sustainable procurement considers the environment, social and economic consequences of design, materials used, manufacturing methods, logistics and disposal.

Tideway aims to provide visibility of all supply chain opportunities

These opportunities fall into two categories:

  • with Tideway (directly)

  • and with the Main Works Tier 1 Contractors and their associated supply chains.

Tideway has procured and are managing a number of Main Works Tier 1 Contractors, who are, in turn progressively procuring a wide variety of goods, services and works from a large number of smaller suppliers and contractors.

Opportunities direct with Tideway

Tideway is required, pursuant to The Water Industry Specified Infrastructure Projects Regulations (SIPR), to tender certain contracts and certain categories of contracts in accordance with a modified regime set out in the SIPR and The Public Procurement (Amendments, Repeals and Revocations) Regulations 2016 (the SIPR modified regime).

Contracts valued above £355,798 (goods and services) will be advertised through the Government’s Find a Tender Service (FTS). All Tideway FTS Contract Notices are on the Find a Tender Service (FTS) website and each notice will provide details of the particular opportunity and, for interested organisations, instructions on how to respond.

Smaller direct contracts (below FTS thresholds), where appropriate, are advertised on CompeteFor enabling businesses to gain access to these opportunities.

Opportunities with the Supply Chain

For opportunities with the Main Works Tier 1 Contractors (and potentially sub-tier's within), you may wish to contact them directly and they will individually advise you on how to access opportunities to work with them at Tideway. (Note: contact details can be found within the Main Works Contractors opportunities link).

Tideway requires its Main Works Tier 1 Contractors to advertise all appropriate opportunities on CompeteFor. Once you have registered your business and published a CompeteFor business profile, you will automatically receive email alerts for appropriate tender opportunities.

More information on the procurement opportunities and contact information for Supply Chain opportunities are available below:

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