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Thames Tideway Tunnel Forum

Thames Tideway Tunnel Forum


The Thames Tideway Tunnel Forum facilitates open discussion on matters concerning implementation of the tunnel between the relevant London authorities, Tideway staff and other key stakeholders. More specifically it meets to:

  • Promote understanding and communication across a wide range of stakeholders with an interest in the successful implementation of the project

  • Encourage agreement around interpretation of the strategies, policies, and other commitments contained in the Development Consent Order

  • Ensure stakeholders are well informed and involved in Tideway's progress and are able to influence the thinking and direction of the project at both practical and strategic levels

  • Consider and seek resolution on issues affecting more than one London Borough or organisation


The forum is led by an independent Chair, whose role is to encourage full and frank debate, identify areas of consensus, summarise differences and distil possible solutions emerging or needing to be investigated further.


Meetings of the Forum are held quarterly, unless otherwise agreed.