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Independent Complaints Commissioner

Independent Complaints Commissioner

The role of the Independent Complaints Commissioner (ICC) is twofold:

  • To assess whether the Independent Compensation Panel (ICP) has followed the correct process in assessing a claim made to it, and

  • To investigate unresolved complaints to ascertain whether the project has met its commitments and complied with agreed policies and procedures

If you are not happy with the decision on your claim to the ICP

  • If you are not satisfied with the response you receive from the ICP, you may contact the ICC, whose role is to ensure that the correct process has been followed.

  • If the ICC finds that the correct process has not been followed, they will send the claim back to the ICP for re-evaluation. They do not have the ability to overturn a decision.

If you want to escalate a complaint

  • If you write to Tideway to complain, Tideway Helpdesk will confirm receipt of your complaint and reply within ten working days of receiving your correspondence.

  • If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint then please let the Tideway Helpdesk know. Your complaint will be reviewed by a Tideway manager and the outcome will be provided within a further 20 working days.

At this stage, if you remain dissatisfied, you may raise your complaint with the ICC. Tideway will provide all the necessary information and relevant details to enable you to contact the ICC to have your complaint independently reviewed.

You can find the complaints procedure here: Complaints Procedure

Stephen Turner 
Independent Complaints Commissioner

Stephen is an acoustician by profession and has over 40 years’ experience of working on environmental noise and vibration issues in both the public and private sectors. That has included the assessment and management of noise and vibration from major construction projects in London and elsewhere.

He was a technical advisor to the noise policy officials at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) for 15 years, including spending four years as a Civil Servant. In that time, he acted for the Secretary of State regarding providing independent judgement on a construction noise dispute on Crossrail. He has also provided independent expert acoustic advice on other major projects including HS2.

You can email Independent Complaints Commissioner at: [email protected]

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