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Please visit our document library to see documentation from the planning process. Documents are organised by construction site, category and time period.

As a result of the construction activities associated with the Thames Tideway Tunnel, it is possible that there may be some small movements in the ground (or "ground settlement"). Our contractors are taking considerable precautions to avoid such ground settlement, and we will be monitoring for any potential ground settlement on buildings along route of the tunnel and near our main construction sites.

The condition surveys would be conducted by an independent building surveyor and be appointed jointly between the project and the property owner. See section 3 of the Settlement Information Paper for information on surveys and pre-condition surveys.

We are offering affected property owners a settlement deed which provides contractual commitment in relation to the measures set out in the Settlement Information Paper, and in particular the arrangements for carrying out surveys, monitoring, and where necessary, repairs. While the settlement deeds are not absolutely necessary (as we are already committed to complying with the Settlement Information Paper), they are useful in setting out the procedures in more detail. They may also be helpful if you are thinking of selling your property as the deed will transfer to the new owner and provide helpful assurance that the Tideway project will look after any possible impacts or damage caused by the construction work.

If you are interested in a settlement deed for your property, please contact the Helpdesk on 08000 30 80 80 to find out more.

To assist local residents and business that we may impact during construction of the tunnel we have non-statutory mitigation and compensation policies. Below you can find links to information on our policies and how to apply for compensation, together with details of the Independent Advisory Service (IAS), the Independent Compensation Panel (ICP) and the Independent Complaints Commissioner. 

If you are considering making a claim for compensation, or just wish to speak with us directly, please contact the project team on 08000 30 80 80 or send us a question via the 'Ask us a question' box on this page. 

Keep reading to find out more about the role of the Independent Advisory Service, Independent Compensation Panel, and the Independent Complaints Commissioner.

Building the tunnel is a major construction project and some of our work will have an impact on local communities. We are absolutely committed to keeping this to a minimum. We are using construction techniques and equipment that will minimise disruption and we are also committed to letting you know what work will be happening and when.

It’s really important that we understand if you feel our works affect you. So if you work shifts, work from home, have a medical condition, are house bound, are vulnerable or are a business suffering a financial loss, please let us know. 

Independent Advisory Service (IAS)

The Independent Advisory Service gives independent advice to those affected by Tideway works. Tideway mitigation and compensation policies, explaining how they work and how you may benefit from them.

> IAS Contact: [email protected]

Independent Compensation Panel (ICP)

The ICP is a Panel of experts drawn from a variety of disciplines, including noise and vibration, compensation, exceptional hardship, building surveying, engineering and medical matters. They will assess all claims using their experience, knowledge and the evidence presented to them. The work of the ICP is described in Tideway’s Non-Statutory Off-Site Mitigation and Compensation Policy. It’s important that all claims go to the ICP as this provides assurance that all claims are assessed equally and fairly. 

> ICP Contact: [email protected] 

ICP meeting minutes

Independent Complaints Commissioner (ICC)

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive from the Independent Compensation Panel, you may contact the Independent Complaints Commissioner (ICC), who will ensure that the correct process has been followed.

The ICC will also investigate unresolved complaints to ascertain whether the project has met its commitments and complied with agreed policies and procedures.

> ICC Contact: [email protected]

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